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My program is called, “Expressive Arts” and the disciplines within art therapy are art and psychology. I choose art as my discipline, in a sense I believe that art can be largely defined. In an epistemological definition I would say art uses the process of creating through different mediums (painting, ceramics, etc.) to give meaning to a piece of artwork. I believe that universally, when people create art there usually is a meaning behind the masterpiece. Creating art can come from your imagination, it can be based off a story and the best thing about art is that anybody can create it, regardless of their skill level. Art can be categorized as multidisciplinary because there are many different types of a CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use No attribution required.rt mediums such as painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, etc.

Every artist is different, everyones interests are different. Artists content of their artwork can be based on their designs and skill level. I really enjoy surrealist art and I have been influenced mostly by Salvador Dali and David Wiesner. Recently I was trying to come up with ideas for a surrealist drawing/watercolor painting and I remembered a book I read when I was a child. However, the only thing I remember about the book was the illustrations, I remember that the plot was about a cloud factory. I did some research and now I realize that the book is called, “Sector 7” and the author/illustrator is David Wiesner.

My artwork! Still in progress!

The reason why I transferred to Plymouth State University is because I heard that the art department had a good reputation. Now that I have taken a number of art classes at PSU I can definitely vouch for that. How would I describe art classes? (Laughs stressfully) Well…depending on the class, most art classes are about two and a half hours long and very intensive. For example, I am taking an Advanced Painting course, don’t get me wrong, the course content is great, the class is just time consuming and the work is demanding. Currently, we are working on a painting inspired by a mother goose rhyme. I choose the rhyme, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, the rhyme is based on the figure known as “Bloody Mary.” So I did a painting of a bloody mary drink in a sort of collage style with some silver bells, flowers and a bible (Bloody Mary was killed by Protestants). However, despite all the work, who should be complaining if you get to paint the entire class?! Another class that I am taking is Advanced Drawing, I enjoy that class because it is self-guided and we get to design our own drawings. I figured out that I work better when I just begin to draw something that I picture in my head and then continue from there. One thing that I could live without in the art world is critiques. Now I know they can be helpful but most of all they can be BORING. There is always that one person who does not know how to take criticism constructively and gets really defensive. However, most of the artists I’ve encountered have given me some very helpful pointers during critiques, I just wish the critiques were shorter.

If you would like to read about artists, art history, artwork or anything to do with art, there are some pretty awesome journals out there! Here are just a couple that I found fascinating, Oxford Art Journal, College Art Association and Academic Journals. If you are interested in art organizations, her are a couple that I would recommend, New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts and Regional Arts Association.

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  1. You manage to take all of the parameters from the assignment and our classwork and integrate them into a post that still feels 100% like Ke. This is a fun to read, but informative and well-developed, too. And as usual, aesthetically lovely. 🙂

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