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So I realized that I posted this image of this model of creativity earlier on my twitter page but I love it so

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much that I have to share it again! I came across this creativity model a while ago and I liked the principles that are illustrated in the image. The image is called, “12 Benefits of Creativity” and I feel like it’s a nice, refreshing way to display happy news with small, colorful drawings. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter all I come across are depressing news articles, articles that depicted all the tragedies and wrong doings in the world. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to watch the news and understand what is going on in the world, I just believe there should be positive news integrated with negative news.

The 12 benefits of creativity are:

1.Creativity is multidisciplinary.

2. Creativity allows you to express yourself.

3. Creativity promotes thinking outside the box and problem solving.

4. Creativity reduces stress and anxiety.

5. Creativity allows you to enter your happy zone and have fun.


6. Creativity gives you a sense of purpose.

7. Creativity leads to feelings of accomplishment and a sense of pride.

8. Creativity can link you to others with the same passions.

9. Creativity improves you ability to focus.

10. Creativity promotes risk-taking and iteration.

11.Creativity is a pre-requisite for innovation.

12. Creativity encourages us to be life-long learners.


I definitely agree with all of the benefits of creativity. My favorite benefits are number two, number four and number seven. Creativity allows me to express myself in a non verbal way and I really enjoy conveying my emotions through surrealist illustrations. I love that art has no boundaries, art can be essentially anything in any medium/media you can imagine!

I have a personal story to go along with the benefit, creativity reduces stress and anxiety. I while ago, starting in sixth grade I struggled with an eating disorder and my parents enrolled me in art therapy. At first I was kind of superstitious about it and I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from it. Well to my surprise, I found my love for art through healing during my art therapy sessions. I used art to reduce stress and anxiety for body perfection, I learned to accept my appearance and I gained a better insight on life.

Creativity does lead to feelings of accomplishment and sense of pride. I know that some of the best compliments I’ve received have been about my artwork. I secretly love when people comment/criticize my artwork no matter if their comments are good or bad, I find feedback so useful. Creativity is an essential part of the human experience and brings out imagination, new ideas and positive collaborations.

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  1. I love this, and it dovetails really nicely with an article we read in the Intro class about the benefits of interdisciplinarity: one of the benefits that the author (Moti Nissani) lists is that it encourages creative breakthroughs, and a lot of what he suggests is meaningful about that is reflected in the list you share here. The question of the relationship between crossing boundaries and creativity is so compelling to me since I spend so much time thinking about boundaries and how they affect/constrain/enable our growth…

    Great post!

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