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Expressive Arts Major

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My Interdisciplinary Studies major is called Expressive Arts and essentially Expressive Arts is art therapy. My major combines the disciplines of art, psychology and writing. When I transferred to Plymouth State as a junior I declared a Studio Art Major and most of my credits were sadly counted as electives. With the option of an Interdisciplinary Studies major I had the opportunity to integrate a lot of my transfer credits into my major. This proved to be beneficial because I believe the courses that I took at College of the Atlantic, are just as useful and important to me as the courses I took at Plymouth State University. Art therapy is basically the process of healing an individual through creating art. Art is used as a broad term and it can include many different mediums. Some mediums include, painting, sculpture, drawing, clay, etc.




My applied project was to create an art exhibition. Despite the many setbacks that I have experienced attempting to put together my exhibition, the result has been successful. My exhibition is installed in the kiosk in front of Center Lodge and will be up through the spring semester. I knew from the moment we discussed ideas for our applied projects that I wanted to do an exhibition. During my time at Plymouth State University, I’ve never gotten the opportunity to display my artwork and I wanted the chance to show the community my artwork that I’ve put so much passion and creativity into. I desire to inspire others, whether it’s through my artwork or statements. In completing this exhibition, this applied project has contributed greatly to my education. I have learned many essential things through this process; I’ve learned about time management, expanding and finding new ideas for my artwork and improving communication skills.




My research article discovers the effect of art-based therapies on individuals with eating disorders. Within my RA, I give a little history on art therapy, an overview of the major eating disorders and case studies on art-based therapies with individuals with eating disorders. I also mention more traditional forms of therapy. I decided to pick this topic for my RA because I have personal experience with art therapy and eating disorders. Through my experience I am curious to know other people’s experiences with art therapy. This research article has contributed greatly to my education because I would like to discover how art therapy effects the process of healing. Through my findings in my research article, “expressing ourselves, whether it’s in the form of art, music, dance, etc, we find that the creative process is beneficial for us all.”


Last Thoughts

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Successfully completing my AP and RA has definitely made me realize that hard work pays off. Being able to integrate those courses from College of the Atlantic and courses from Plymouth State University, I have become very proud of my education. I am thrilled that the experiences I have endured to come this far in my education and they will benefit me in the future. I have learned a lot from the Interdisciplinary Studies courses, not just about education but about new perspectives,ideas and effective collaborations. I think it’s important for an individual to keep an open mind. I kept an open mind about a new educational opportunity than a more traditional way and I am very happy things turned out for the best. I only have one class to take this spring semester and then I will graduated from Plymouth State University. Thanks to the Interdisciplinary Studies program, for I was able to complete my degree as well as complete my goals.

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