Higher Education and Domains

CC By Emi Yanez

This post is in response to three articles about owning domains, interdisciplinary education and website safety. I definitely am excited to have a website in where I can put pictures of my artwork, written posts and posts about my life in general. I believe owning a domain is a cool idea because you can have all of your work and pictures in one place. However, I guess it never crossed my mind about website safety and choosing the personal information that you want to display about yourself. I like the quote from the article written by Andrew Rikard, “โ€˜Domainsโ€™ is radical not because it is a technological shift, but because it encourages a pedagogical shift.”

This goes into the next article about higher education and interdisciplinary studies. In my honest opinion, I believe that given maybe ten to twenty more years, interdisciplinary majors will be highly popular because who doesn’t want to build their own major!? You get to basically pick your classes to form a major and this can be from a variety of different classes. I believe that is the coolest aspect of interdisciplinary studies is that it doesn’t confine your education,I am creating a major in where I am combining art, psychology and writing. I like the quote from the article written by Vartan Gregorian, ” the complexity of the world requires us to have a better understanding of the relationships and connections between all fields that intersect and overlap.” This is so important because if you’re confined to one specific major, you don’t get exposed to different subjects that you also might be interested in (besides from general education courses).

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  1. This ePort is spectacular! You definitely have that design gene! Gorgeous!

    I wish you dug a little deeper into the Rikard and touched on the Watters, but this is a solid post and I really just can’t wait to see what you produce this semester. So much potential here!

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