Interdisciplinary Success Story: Book Illustration

Eric Carle

I consider the developmental process of creating successful book illustrations as interdisciplinary. I was reading this article by Hana Hladikova about the process of successful children book illustration and I have found it to be an interesting process. First of all, when you’re creating text and illustrations you have to be attuned to the age of your audience and what vocabulary/visuals they can comprehend. Therefore, maybe the illustrator will have to do research or talk with teachers that are around children of that age range daily. Then the illustrator will have a better insight on what those children can understand. Picture books can also entertain people who can’t read, their power to inspire is vast!

Multidisciplinary work is also important in this process because in some situations, there is a writer and an illustrator working together to create a picture book. They have to collaborate on what picture would go best with the text or maybe even the other way around. Successful children’s books have the ability to help children learn new vocabulary and important lessons, as well as contributing to children’s imaginations. Honestly, with all the new technology and electronic reading devices, I believe that children’s books are a valuable thing to have. I know as a kid I have learned a lot through reading and looking at pictures. One of my favorite book illustrators as a kid was Jan Brett (this is a Pinterest page of some of her unique illustrations).

The cover design of a children’s book is one of the most important marketing tools that publishing industries use to gain business. The market is very competitive. This process is interdisciplinary because the illustrator has to collaborate with an art directors. This is very important because art directors can provide an educated opinion on the artwork. Art directors are useful because they have a different set of experience when it comes to viewing art and they look at it from a different perspective than the illustrator.

Creating a children’s picture book is a long process that involves many people in different fields working together as a team. Lots of children’s picture books are highly successful and children learn many valuable things from them.


3 thoughts on “Interdisciplinary Success Story: Book Illustration

  1. Great example, and close to my heart– my first job was in the children’s room at a public library, and I just adore children’s books so much. This is a nice write-up of some of the facets and fields that go into the production of a book, and it was a smart choice for your success story! Plus who doesn’t love the very hungry caterpillar??!

  2. I love this post! Never before have I thought about the behind the scenes work that goes on in creating a children’s book. You’re ability to describe both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary components in this process is very sound. I think children and even adults that read to children, are blind to the depth a book like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ holds. It’s more than just a silly story and I’m so glad you uncovered that to remind people like me!

  3. I would have never thought of illustration as interdisciplinary until I read this post. I also like how you included that an illustrator and a writer working together is multidisciplinary, great connection. The conclusion really summed up your post and ended it well.

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