Interdisciplinary, Technology and Learning

Essentially, interdisciplinary, technology and learning are all connected in many ways. Interdisciplinary values are very important in this traditional world of education. It is very important for students to have a wide variety of disciplines to pick from. Students should have the opportunity to major in a couple different disciplines if they choose, rather than just one. Interdisciplinary is important in grade school education as well because how children are being taught may be the future of new educational models. Within this new technological age, we should be using technology in education in beneficial ways. In the short documentary about future learning, technology should be used in education where students are active and engaged. I feel like this is very important because I remember when I was in grade school and we would just write the times tables over and over with pencil and pa

per. This to me was not engaging and with all the new technological advancements, there are so many more options on how to effectively teach children. I was reading this article about a month ago about a music professor combining art and video. She talked about project collaborations making animations, music videos, etc. This article showed me the importance of integrating different disciplines by coming up with fun projects for students to work with. I also found that by making these art video productions, students who may have more experience in either art or video/photography may educate each other on those two different disciplines.

My final painting for my advanced painting course at PSU.

I will define interdisciplinary as your own personalized program of the things that you are passionate about. Having the knowledge of different disciplines broadens your perspectives and it also may be easier to solve problems with the knowledge of multiple disciplines. I feel like technology and learning fall under one definition because since technology is used every day in learning then that makes technology an essential tool in education. The effective use of technology has the power to help students learn more efficiently. In the video, they talk about the current education model and in some ways, that it’s not working because of students lack of motivation. Well, the big question is, “how do we get students to become motivated?” If students just sit in a classroom all day, recite things and take tests, they are not getting anything out of their education because they’re probably not enjoying themselves. Like the professor said in the video, “No one’s going to teach anyone how to shot a gun or ride a horse.” These are things that some students may be more interested in doing than sitting in a classroom reciting things. I fully agree that if the content is supposed to be fascinating than that should be reflected in the learning.

How children are taught is the future of our education. The thing that I feel like a lot of society doesn’t get it that children can teach themselves anything, even with the lack of a teacher. Children are smart and sometimes it’s a great idea to have children learn concepts on their own. At the school that I transferred from, I visited a Montessori kindergarten and I felt like they had a lot of interdisciplinary concepts. The teaching was taught in the mindset of “play,” there were a bunch of different toys, books, educational material all around the room and for half of the morning all the students would play with different things and then they would go outside to play. I feel like this learning is beneficial to students of kindergarten age because they have freedom and access to different educational disciplines at a young age. With more of this different type of education, I feel like students will have more knowledge of different things and apply this to future education.

I really hope that the future of education motivates students to do what they want to do and not what society wants them to do. I liked the quote in the video about how people in society are becoming “photocopies of each other.” Well, I hope that is not the future of our education. People all have individual interests and things that set them apart. Even if you’re doing something different from society, then that is 100% okay. I hope that the future of education contains concepts that students look forward too. Education should be fun and beneficial to you!

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  1. It seems like in order for education to be transformative– rather than a replication of the status quo– students need to be encouraged to share their own perspectives and shape their own paths… Love this!

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