“Life itself can be led as a work of art” (Elliot Eisner)

I honestly had a difficult time trying to find an Interdisciplinary journal article that I was interested in reading. I believe it’s due to the fact that databases are so boring to look at! For one, I rarely come across a database article that has visuals, most of them have an abstract and a couple long paragraphs of text. Secondly, a lot of the titles are not engaging to me, I just feel like when you’re searching for an interesting article, the title should reflect it.

Anyways, enough of my rambling because I actually did find a pretty awesome journal article! This article is called, “Video Inspired the Radio Star” and the article is written by Robin Giebelhausen. Robin is an assistant professor of music education and specializes in both elementary and secondary general music at the University of New Mexico. Her research interests include secondary general music, music technology, gender issues in music and music composition pedagogy. She is inspired by Elliot Eisner (who I have quoted in the title), he has taught her that “art is constantly finding new venues and spaces to exist within.” I feel passionate about this quote and the one in the title because it is true, art is all around you, you don’t necessarily have to look for it because it’s already there.
Basically her article is about how Interdisciplinary Arts Education in music often has connective lines with drama, dance and visual arts. I believe that teamwork is an important essential skill to have throughout life’s experience. Having student work in teams to produce mixed media will definitely enhance a students ability to collaborate more efficiently with others. While they are creating this video, the students are also gaining new skills because one student may know more about music production, while another student may know more about fine arts.

She explains five projects that link music to video in order to create media arts and music interdisciplinary connections. She describes media arts as photography, video and video games. Robin quotes, “media arts, specifically video, can also be a powerful discipline to connect to music.” I feel like this quote resonates with me because music can create all these different types of emotions and I think it’s really creative when somebody makes a music video to enhance the emotions, whether its through a story or a more abstract way. The five projects that she explained are; Remade Movie Trailer, Stop Animation, Silent Film, Draw My Life and Music Video. I have heard of all of these methods to production however I have only completed two of them. One time in sixth grade my friends and I made a music video to one of Fergie’s songs (yeah, were not going to talk about that!). During junior year of high school I made a stop motion animation using construction paper cutouts and iMovie. I feel like through this experience creating this video has taught me many things. For one, I am glad that I got a basic understanding of how to use a really nice camera, video editing, as well as photo editing (Photoshop and Illustrator). Secondly, I learned to work efficiently with my team members because it was a group project. I believe all of the five projects are effective ways to combine music, art and video.

I feel strongly about this journal article as a fellow interdisciplinarian because I believe that it’s important to integrate different disciplines to create multidisciplinary programs. It can be beneficial for students to learn about all different kinds of skills and information. I wish there was an art program that combined studio arts, graphic design and art history as general electives!


Video Inspired the Radio Star. By: Giebelhausen, Robin, General Music Today, 10483713, Jan2017, Vol. 30, Issue 2

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One thought on ““Life itself can be led as a work of art” (Elliot Eisner)

  1. What a great article! I actually think I might read it, since it sounds like the projects could be very cool to recommend to teachers in a range of areas. I also kind of love your ranty opening, since I don’t really understand why academics don’t add visuals and use multimedia in our academic writing. You do a great job of that in this gorgeous and visually engaging post, which really helped me follow the thread of the content. (Don’t forget to add captions to your images though. Assuming you took them or that they are openly licensed, you should still caption them so that it is clear that you are not violating copyright!) Great post here.

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