One of Everyone’s Worst Fears…Public Speaking

Public speaking, wow, even typing the word is giving me anxiety. I describe myself as a fairly quiet individual, I’m not usually one to raise my hand in class or even speak a lot in art critiques. What am I afraid of? Well, I guess public humiliation from the fear of being wrong. But why should this be a problem if society is progressively beginning to more freely expressive opinions and ideas? Well it turns out that I’m not alone. After

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reading this interesting article by Psychology Today, almost 1 out of 4 people report feeling anxious when presenting in front of an audience.

As the years have gone on, I’ve definitely come out of my shell and I am less quiet than I used to be in high school. But regardless of how much more social I am now, I still have the fear of public speaking. Because of this fear, I am naturally more inclined to learn about ways to resolve it. Well, this article provides a couple different ways to combat anxiety related to public speaking. I also find it true that efficient public speaking is a useful life skill to have because whatever career you are trying to go into, successful relationships often are the result of effective communication.

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Within the article, there are a couple methods to reduce your anxiety around public speaking. One method is to put your body in a calm state, to try to relax your body and try not to be super tense before speaking. I feel like meditating for a couple minutes before presenting can be an effective method in order to relax your body. However for me personally, I know the second method will help me more than the first. The second method is to basically challenge your beliefs about public speaking. We all have this fear of what we’re saying is going to criticized, well if we put all these irrational beliefs into a more positive context than we’ll feel better about speaking. For example, if you think you’re going to be criticized, what you have to say is what you believe and your opinions, so what if it’s not what another person believes, self-expression leads to new perspectives and ideas. The other methods included in the article are, shifting your focus from presentation to communication, preparing, seeking out more opportunities to speak and asking for help.

I thought this article was interesting to read because it’s very relatable. I feel like a lot of people, like myself will benefit from reading these helpful tips on public speaking. And one method may work for one person while another method may work for a different person.

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