Project and Research Plan

First Things First I’m Surrealist

I feel like my heart is going to explode. In all of my time at Plymouth State University I have never had a chance to exhibit my artwork that I am so passionate about. I am very excited to announce that I have secured a wall in Lamson Library to showcase my artwork. My exhibit will be installed during the last week of November and will be on view for two weeks in the months of November and December! I plan to feature some of my best paintings and mixed media works that I have worked on throughout my time here at Plymouth State University. Another exciting aspect of my exhibition is that my fellow, IDS capstone classmate Kayleigh Maria will be collaborating with me to creative market for my exhibition. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I am curious to see how she will get the word out about my exhibit, whether it’s in the form of posters or social media or both, I’m positiveย she’ll do a great job!

My Artwork (Please message me if you would like to use this image.) I plan to add more panels to this watercolor/pen surrealist painting.

This project is immensely important to me because it gives me the opportunity to finally showcase my artwork that I’ve put so much passion and imagination into during my time at Plymouth State University. I feel like this is a great chance to expressive myself and put together a unique collection of my artwork. I also like the idea of collaborating with Kayleigh, since I have never participated in a gallery show, I need all the support and help I can get. I believe this collaboration process will create new ideas and broaden my perspectives on how I should showcase my work. I want to create an atmosphere that reflects the personality of my artwork and Kayleigh is willing to work with me to make this happen! I feel like this exhibition will help me meet artists and other individuals that are interested in the style of artwork that I create. With Kayleigh marketing this show, I may find potential job opportunities and my work may find

My Artwork (Please message me if you would like to use this image). Just a quick sketchbook doodle that I am hoping to incorporate into a bigger piece.

a way out into the world. This exhibit is a great way for me to show my artistic style and creativity, I really hope that students, faculty and family enjoy my artwork. My goal is to help people find inspiration in my field rather it’s through showcasing artwork or talking about my artistic processes. This exhibit will give me the confidence boost I need in order to continue getting my artwork out into the community.

I can not explain how excited I am to have this opportunity! I have always wanted to showcase my artwork in some way to the Plymouth community and inspiring artists as well. I am grateful that Kayleigh is collaborating with me to produce this exhibition and help express my unique artistic style. My goals as an Interdisciplinary Studies, Expressive Arts major is to influence others through creating artwork. I love when individuals come up with new ideas through looking at my artwork and reading my statements about my pieces. I feel like art is a great way to express your emotions, ideas, how you feel about certain issues, relieve stress and unleash your imagination.


Timeline (Subject to possible changes and flexibility)

Come up with an engaging title for my exhibition by October 10th.

Goal: To work on 1-2 pieces of artwork per week for nine consecutive weeks up until installation date.

Preorder/obtain all materials required for framing/matting/title letters by mid November.

Collaborate with Kayleigh to have all the handouts/posters printed and posted around campus/downtown Plymouth by mid November. Also have Kayleigh market the exhibition on social media such as the PSU Instagram page and PSU Facebook page, this can be an ongoing process up until the exhibition opening.

Complete and edit all artists statements/bio by the last week of November.

Complete a reaction sheet for my exhibition. I will leave this on a small table along with pens and a drop box for viewers to write what they think about the overall exhibition experience. This will be completed by the installation date.

Installation Date- The last week of November. This is when I will have framed and matted all my pieces, I will have arranged them creatively and successfully installed them on the felt wall in Lamson Library. I will set up the table with the review papers/pens/dropbox. Kayleigh and I will figure out where to put the refreshments and what music system/playlist we will use for the reception.

Exhibition Reception/Opening- Lamson Library (felt wall) December 4th at 5pm (IDS intro and capstone students and faculty please come!) There will be refreshments!

Publication to my Eport by December 12th (I will also keep a separate page for this project where I will document my progress and experience creating this exhibition).


Artistic Relief

My Artwork (message me if you would like to use this image). Seashell palette knife painting.

I am not sure how more relaxed you can get; sitting in the comfort of your safe haven, soft music playing in the background, painting a picture from your imagination. I find that the process of creating art is a way to relief stress and cope with different emotions that you are feeling. Sometimes verbal communication can feel difficult and forced, while artwork has the ability to “speak” for you. Within my research paper I will be discussing the effect of art therapy, music therapy and a couple different types of therapy on various eating disorder clients. The eating disorders that I will be focusing on are anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. I will include facts/statistics, interesting case studies and quotes that I find benefit my research paper. Lastly I will include my personal experience with using art therapy to help me overcome an eating disorder that I struggled with throughout middle school.

This research topic is very engaging to me because of my personal experience and my desire to learn more about the effects of various types of therapies on different types of eating disorders. Throughout my time here at Plymouth State University I have taken various classes in psychology and art. I find the psychological mindset of individuals with eating disorders very fascinating and I want to learn about their thought processes while going through different types of therapy. On the other hand, I have a strong passion towards creating art and I wonder if that process helps individuals with eating disorders display their emotions and struggles. This research paper includes both disciplines within my major, art and psychology. I am keen to learn about this topic because it will benefit me in my future work with art therapy clients.

I feel like by the end of this research paper I will have gained insight on how art therapy, music therapy and other types of therapy effect individuals with eating disorders. As of now, the only insight I have is my own struggle with an eating disorder and my experience with art therapy. I want to know what kind of mindsets different individuals with eating disorders have and how they overcome their struggles through various types of therapy. I want to know the different types of art they create depending on what emotion they’re feeling. Collecting this information will benefit me in the future because my goal as an Interdisciplinary Studies Expressive Arts major is to inspire individuals through creating art. I desire to learn new perspectives on art therapy methods and learn about different artistic processes (creating art in different mediums) to help heal future art therapy clients.



Come up with an engaging title, this can be an ongoing process until December 10th.

Collect library resources such as books and Journals by October 10th.

Collect website articles and journal articles online by October 24th.

Write notes on sources, this is an ongoing process until I have a considerable amount of information. This information includes; facts/statistics about eating disorders, art therapy, music therapy and other types of therapy, history, content/methodology (basically the effect of art therapy, music therapy and other types of therapy on various eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, etc.), case studies and quotes that I find interesting and my personal experience with an eating disorder and using art therapy to heal.

Begin to type research paper by November 7th.

Insert hyperlinks, this can be an ongoing process depending on the rate I discover web sources.

Find images for my research paper by December 5th.

Send research paper into the Writing Center by December 6th.

Edit final draft of research paper and complete work cited page by December 10th.

Post research paper to Eport by December 12th.

2 thoughts on “Project and Research Plan

  1. Congratulations on getting a show! That’s a huge deal for an artist ๐Ÿ™‚
    You’ve got a rich subject to write about, I think you’ll have a great time with resources and information collection!
    Do you think it will be helpful to set a specific amount of pictures you want to include in your paper to further tighten up your timeline?

  2. Ke, I am SO excited for you! Your opening instantly had me hooked and after reading about your intentions for both your AP and RA I became even more so! I think it is amazing that you are collaborating with Kayleigh for your project – I think she’ll be able to get your talent out there so you can really showcase it! You say you’re keeping your artwork up for two weeks, so does that mean people can just pass through as they please or will you have designated hours where you can talk with people about the different pieces?

    As for your research article, I think you’ve picked a deep topic that could produce something great. I like that you are going to incorporate multiple avenues of “therapy” which will help your research be more robust.

    I can’t wait to see the final products of both of these! Good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

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