Wow I can’t believe that this semester is coming to an end next week! It’s crazy that this semester will

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basically be my last semester, aside from the one course I have to take this spring. During the Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar course I used Twitter as a PLN (personal learning network). I believe that Twitter is a great social media platform to find interesting news, art and culture. It’s also a great platform to share your opinions and communicate with like-minded individuals. Now that my Interdisciplinary Studies adventures are coming to an end, here is a link to myΒ StorifyΒ that highlights some of my proudest Twitter moments.

On Twitter I usually follow art or psychology related accounts. One account that I found to be more interesting was the Psychology Today account. I find psychology very intriguing and I am always up to hear more information about our emotions and why we do the things we do. I’ve written a couple of my PLN posts about Twitter posts that I’ve found on the Psychology Today account. One of my favorite posts is the one about mental health days. Mental health is definitely an important factor that everyone should consider. Taking good care of your body, mind and soul can lead to a more productive/happy lifestyle.

Lastly, my most proud tweet is the one announcing the complete installation of my exhibition. That senior project was proven to be quite the experience and I am very happy that I successfully completed it! Along with personal posts, I have also included some artwork that I have been inspired by.

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