The Log (2D Part) Sculpture Final

Project Description

Individual’s will create a 2D, 3D and 4D piece, using connotations of “the log.” They will use both formal and conceptual elements, while working in both traditional and post-modern methods. They will also be working with a wide range of materials as well as different medias.

Lateral Thinking

Connotations of “the log”

Nature, Hiking, Pollution, Consumer Culture, Houses, Serenity, Beauty, Universal

(Post 3 final log worksheets)

2D Log Worksheet

My final idea for my 2D project was inspired by litter. I find it sad when all I see while walking around Plymouth is trash. I wanted to combine natural elements along with consumer culture. Therefore, I picked some “big name” brands such as Marlboros, Shock Top and Juul Pods. I also really wanted to do a mixed medium 2D project.

2D Log Worksheet

Sketchbook Drawings

2D Sketches

For my first sketch, I wanted to do a watercolor painting of a squirrel on a tree stump eating a half-eaten apple. Coming out of the tree trunk will be a variety of popular trash items. For my second sketch, I wanted to do a large oil painting of an oil in a tree with litter in the bushes at the bottom of the tree. For my third sketch, I wanted to do a mixed medium piece, using acrylic paint and ink pen. My sketch is of litter coming out of a tree stump hole.

Material Studies

Paint Swabs

For my 2D material study I decided to use acrylic and watercolor paints on different swabs of paper. I wanted to experiment with different textures of paper. I also was pretty set on using acrylic paint, however, I just wanted to see how the watercolors would effect the different paper textures.

Finished Piece

I honestly am very proud of my finished piece. My piece in a lot of ways, turned out to be how I imagined it would turn out. I am glad that I experimented with acrylic paint and watercolor on different types of paper before I decided on my final medium. I feel like the theme of my project is relatable as well as a recurring issue in today’s society. I hope that viewers gain inspiration and are mindful about how their consumer waste impacts the environment around them.

2D Final

I incorporated the elements of design into my piece. My piece is dynamic because there is contrasting medium and color, such as the dark colored pen in the tree stump design versus the bright acrylic pieces of trash. There is also repetition in the pattern of the tree stump, as well as multiple cigarettes. The gesture is the way the trash flows out of the tree stump, which creates movement.

If I were to do this project differently I would have off-centered the tree more, so it isn’t right in the middle of the composition. I also thought about adding more objects in the background, however, I do feel like the black background helps highlight the acrylic litter efficiently. Originally, I thought the theme of my project was too cliché, but I decided to pursue it because it is a topic that I am passionate about.

During the art making process of this 2D project I learned many things, one of the things that stood out to me the most was painting. I love to paint and often I am too busy to even sit down and enjoy what I am painting. Well, when I was painting this project I realized how much I truly missed painting something that I am passionate about. I like how the project is open ended and we can experiment with mediums that we are comfortable with as well as mediums that we aren’t so experienced with.

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