The Log (3D Part) Sculpture Final

Project Description

Individual’s will create a 2D, 3D and 4D piece, using connotations of “the log.” They will use both formal and conceptual elements, while working in both traditional and post-modern methods. They will also be working with a wide range of materials as well as different medias.

Lateral Thinking

Connotations of “the log”




Consumer Culture





3D Log Worksheet

3D: My final idea for my 3D project was the most difficult to come up with. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what material to use, I wanted to use clay but that felt too much like making a maquette. Then I thought about making a wooden frame for a painting, but I didn’t really want to work solely with wood. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I would create something with different materials. My vision was to create a 3D project that contrasted objects from nature.

3D Log Worksheet

Sketchbook Drawings

3D Sketches

3D: For my first sketch I wanted to do something coming off of my painting. I was going to experiment with different mediums and make a PBR can out of clay and wrap wire around it. My second sketch is of a fabric river coming out of a painting. Within the river would be mini paper sculptures of cigarette boxes and beer cans, my third sketch is of a small diorama filled with dirt, branches, pinecones and a rock river flowing through it. The diorama will be at the bottom of the painting.

Material Study

3D: Unfortunately for my 3D material study I forgot to take pictures. However, I messed around with different objects and mediums to put in a small cardboard box. I collected sticks, rocks and various litter. I arranged them in different ways in the box to see what design I liked the most.

Finished Piece

3D Final

I am slightly disappointed with my 3D piece. I feel like I really rushed it because I was trying to cram it in when I had a lot of different things happening at the time. I was in the process of moving out of Plymouth when I was trying to come up with a project idea, so I feel like my mind wasn’t 100% focused on my project. My piece is supposed to convey the beauty and serenity of nature, using objects found in natural environments.

I definitely enjoyed the process of creating my final piece rather than the actual product. During this process I drove to spots such as hiking trails and I even trekked out to a river in Bristol, NH. At these spots I took a different object to put in my piece, so in a way my piece contains different pieces of nature from various spots. Even though, I am not exactly satisfied with my piece, I do feel like it is dynamic. I

3D Final

originally had it connected to my 2D piece because the litter flowing out of the tree stump was supposed to connect with the flow of the river. In the end I decided that the pieces looked better not connected. My 3D piece contains a lot of repetition and pattern, this is found in the pinecones, rocks and leaves.

If I were to do this project differently, I would have done a totally different idea. I feel like I didn’t put my whole potential into this project. It is true, that you can’t like all your ideas, so I feel like this was still a good experience for me.

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