The Log (4D) Sculpture Final

Project Description

Individual’s will create a 2D, 3D and 4D piece, using connotations of “the log.” They will use both formal and conceptual elements, while working in both traditional and post-modern methods. They will also be working with a wide range of materials as well as different medias.

Lateral Thinking

Connotations of “the log”




Consumer Culture





4D Log Worksheet

4D: My final idea for my 4D project was something that I came up with during the filming process. I went on a couple nature walks in Plymouth, one with my boyfriend and the other by myself. I took a couple pictures of some litter I found on the trail and I took some video clips of the river, me walking, a water pipe dripping on an empty pack of cigarettes. While I was talking with Cameron (boyfriend), he was talking to me about his road trip out to Bozeman, Montana. So, while he was talking, I began to record him and ask him questions about his trip. I decided to use this mini dialogue as sound for my video.

4D Log Worksheet

Material Study

For my storyboard I wanted to contrast my short video clips with some photos of litter. I used an interview that I did with my boyfriend, Cameron about his trip to Bozeman, Montana as the sound in my video.

4D Storyboard
4D Storyboard
4D Storyboard
4D Storyboard
4D Storyboard

Finished Piece

I was satisfied about how my video came out. I don’t have a ton of experience with editing videos, so I found it fun to play around with the different effects. I enjoyed the process of creating the video clips, I went on two walks in Plymouth, during one of the walks it was rainy and during the other walk it was sunny. I like how the weather contrasts in my video, it wasn’t something that I did on purpose, it was something that just happened. My favorite part about my video is the sound. I interviewed my boyfriend about his road trip out to Bozeman, Montana. I feel like the interview will keep the viewer focused on the video. I hope the viewer is inspired to travel because nothing beats experience, you just have to get out there and meet people and experience new things.

I believe my video is dynamic because there are different elements such as sound, repetition, camera angles and subject matter included. For a couple of the video clips I used a similar filter and for the pictures I used the same filter. I wanted to experience different shots, so I did an up-close video clip of the library stairs and then, I did a faraway video clip of the river.

If I did this project differently, I would have experimented on filming people in nature or maybe contrasted nature with people walking in downtown Plymouth. Regardless of this, I enjoyed the experience of filming different activities and interviewing someone who is passionate about traveling. I learned many things during this process and one of the most valuable things I’ve gained is that nothing beats experience.


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